TMS is now WordFly, the easy-to-use email marketing system. Migrating to WordFly is super easy. You can start using WordFly today. Let’s get started!

  1. Get Your WordFly
    Pre-Flight Credentials

    We'll whitelist your WordFly sending IP, explain how you can protect your email from being blocked, and provide your team with user-friendly documentation to prepare you for launch.

  2. Schedule the
    Tessitura Integration

    Are you a Tessitura licensee? We'll have WordFly and Tessitura chatting away in no time. Provide our expert WordFly installation team with access to your API server and we'll complete the entire integration in under two hours.

  3. Start Using

    That's it! Just sit down and start sending great looking email campaigns. WordFly's fun to use, and our site is loaded with helpful videos and articles to make it easy for you to get started. We also offer free monthly training sessions, and if you do need help, just call or email. Premium level support is always free.

Questions? Want to see more? We'd be happy to provide a price quote for your organization or schedule a demo. Let us know how we can help.