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Feature Spotlight: Introducing Conditions

Kelly Sutter

WordFly Conditions

We’re excited to kick off the next decade of WordFly with a major new feature release. Conditions are an incredibly flexible new way to send your subscribers personalized email messaging using preferences and data.

Just drag and drop conditions into your email design and WordFly does the rest—automatically displaying the right content, for the right subscriber. It works on every type of email content: Text, images, buttons, video, even entire custom content blocks. You decide who sees what and why.

If you’re ready to stop making new templates for every segment, promotion, donor status, or purchase history, Conditions is the feature set you’ve been looking for.

Why Conditions and why now?

We spent a lot of time talking with arts, culture, and entertainment venues around the world in 2019. We heard three things clearly.

  • First, email is your MVP. It’s hands down the most valuable marketing channel for engaging audiences and making sales.
  • Second, from all levels of the organization, you want email to work even harder. Hey, who doesn’t want more of a good thing?
  • And third, budgets are tight. Like many of us, you’ve got to do more with less.

We took everything we learned from our conversations with you—plus what we already knew about our current tools—and got to work. Our goal was to build something that gave our users more custom content capabilities, was easier to use than our current feature set, and made an impact on your sales and revenue.

We think Conditions nails it on all three. It gives you total content flexibility in an easy to use, “no code” experience that will save you time and help you send more relevant content that gets results.

Now it’s your turn.

We can’t wait to see how you use Conditions. If you’ve never worked with conditional content before, there’s a slight learning curve and a few terms you’ll need to grasp. Be sure to check out our educational content inside the app and our Knowledge Base. Don’t forget, you’ve got a whole team here at WordFly HQ to help you learn everything you need to know to make 2020 (un)conditionally great!