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Data-Driven Decisions for Your Email

Samantha Orr

Data-Driven DecisionsOpen rate, click-through rate, and subscribers sent to are metrics email marketers are using to measure success and make informed decisions on future email strategy. Decisions based on data can help move your email marketing efforts into real conversions.


Email data to review

Every email campaign generates opens, clicks, bounces, opt-outs and complaints. Each campaign will return different quantities of each response. At a micro view, we call the data campaign event data. This is our tally up of individual responses: each open, each click, each bounce. At a macro view, we call this data campaign metrics. This is our tally of open rates, click rates, etc. Event data is helpful for making daily decisions and metrics are good for changing email strategy on a quarterly or yearly basis.


The ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ response data

We often categorize the data between the ‘good’ responses and the ‘bad’ responses.

The good responses

Opens, clicks, and delivered-to are all ‘good’ responses. This data is especially helpful for calculating engagement rates. In WordFly we calculate campaign engagement with the good data and subscriber engagement using both the good and bad data. Learn more about campaign engagement versus subscriber engagement.

The bad responses

Opt-out/unsubscribes, hard bounces, spam complaints, and blacklist data are all ‘bad’ responses. This data is normal for every email campaign, it would be unusual to have an email campaign that didn’t generate any of this data. In other words, it’s nothing to be too concerned about! You should watch this data over time to know what your ‘averages’ are so that if you notice a spike in any data you can pinpoint what changed in your sending to contribute to that increase.

Reviewing data in WordFly

We’ve made it easy to export all your campaign data in WordFly. Head over to Reporting to review and act upon your data. In WordFly, go to Reporting > Export Data to generate spreadsheets with all your email data.

WordFly export highlights:

  • Export ‘good’ data: campaign event data (did open/click, did not open, etc.)
  • Export ‘bad’ data: unsubscribes, abuse complaints, and hard bounces (by campaign or account)
  • Export campaign metrics over time (by campaign)
  • Export active subscribers (in list or account)
  • Export blacklist subscribers

You can also run a Compare Campaign report to see campaign metrics over time as well as benchmark reporting. Use your data to make decisions about your email marketing.


Learn more about exporting data

Review our support posts to learn more about WordFly export options and how you can start leveraging the data already in your account.