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Feature Spotlight: Design Library

Kelly Sutter

WordFly Design library

Introducing a whole new place to manage your design assets

WordFly’s new Design Library creates one convenient central location for your images. Plus, a whole new feature to create and save custom content blocks for Modern Editor. The Design Library will help you and your team stay more organized and speed up email and page creation.


It’s a Block Party

Creating your own reusable content blocks is one of our most requested updates. We’re excited to announce that this helpful new toolset is free for all users. Custom blocks bring a whole new set of creative possibilities—and better yet—makes building emails and pages faster for the whole team. We’re excited to see what you create with it!

WordFly Blocks Editor

Using the new Blocks Editor, you can build custom-branded content, save it in WordFly, and easily drop it into any new or existing design. This new capability allows your team to create a group of images, text, buttons, or other elements, save them in Modern Editor, and reuse them anytime. With custom blocks your team will have premade email content ready to go at a moment’s notice. You’ll also see your custom blocks in Pages, which makes designing your surveys, RSVPs, and landing pages a whole lot faster, too.

Move custom blocks anywhere in your layout or ungroup it to make changes inside Modern Editor. If you need to redesign the original custom block, just head back to the Design Library to edit and resave. Add a 60-character name so you can easily find your blocks in WordFly. Oh, and don’t worry, you can also limit who has permission to create blocks in the Account section.

WordFly Modern Editor: Your Blocks View

Looking for ideas?

Here are a few ways we think you’ll love using Custom Blocks.

Headers and Footers

Creating reusable sophisticated headers and footers for both mobile and desktop. Tired of building that same header every time you send a campaign or copying an old email just so you can reuse the header? With custom blocks, just create a new block named “Header” and save it for use in all your emails. You can save separate mobile and desktop versions, too.

Frequently Used Content

Do you have information that needs to go in every email this season? Perhaps you provide directions, FAQs, or a calendar of events. No need to rebuild each time. Just build it once in the Blocks Editor, add your monthly content, and easily drop it into any email.

Conditional Content Blocks

Add dynamic content like first name, last name or purchase info to your custom blocks. You can inject personalization data just like you can with WordFly’s default blocks. Want to get really advanced? Just edit just a little HTML in WordFly and insert different custom blocks for different types of subscribers. This works great for triggered email campaigns like event reminders and followups.

Opening Night RSVP

Create the branded look and feel for your Opening Night email and RSVP in one fell swoop. Just create a custom block for the header of your Opening Night event. Then drop into your email and each page of your RSVP. Ta-da! The entire journey looks and feels seamless for your subscribers.


What’s next?

We’re super excited about the new Design Library, and we plan to keep adding more new tools and helpful features here over time. Spend some time looking around and try out the Blocks Editor. Be sure to tell us what you think so we can keep making WordFly better than ever with your help! Have a special request? Let us know!