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Email of the Month: The Tech Museum of Innovation

Miguel Panayotty

WordFly Email of the Month | The Tech Museum of Innovation
Welcome to the Email of the Month Club, where each month we select one amazing email that stands out from the pack.

We hope this monthly feature will inspire you, give you some ideas for your next campaign, and provide the opportunity to show off the great work you’re doing. Here’s our Email of the Month Club Winner for April/May 2016.

WINNER:  The Tech Museum of Innovation
SUBJECT LINE A:  New exhibit @ The Tech: BioDesign Studio
SUBJECT LINE B:  NOW OPEN! New exhibit, BioDesign Studio, @ The Tech

The Tech Museum of Innovation

What we love

This is a perfectly executed email design. When I think about fields of science, I usually have colors that come to mind for each one. Physics reminds me of the color blue; chemistry, shades of red; and biology, well, biology will always be green.

The prevalent and vibrant turquoise in this email does a great job of linking those two together, while adding to that technology factor in place. Purple always goes well with turquoise (ask The Joker), and this was perfectly executed with the button color choice. The white font is the best option, given the background and general well-lit mood.

There’s contrast everywhere and eye-catching, high resolution images to keep you scrolling and interested. I want to be there! The entire email does a great job of conveying its message: Biology is technology!

Congratulations, The Tech!


Try these techniques


Don’t keep everything on the same side. Try alternating your images and text, sometimes left, sometimes right, sometimes the entire width of the email! Our eyes like to move around.

Design around your resources

If you have a great set of images for a certain event or exhibition, show them off. A beautiful picture can speak more than a list of reviews and comments if used correctly.


Got an email you think can earn the top spot?

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