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Email of the Month: Almeida Theatre

Miguel Panayotty

Email of the Month | Almeida Theatre
Welcome to the Email of the Month Club, where each month we select one amazing email that stands out from the pack.

WINNER:  Almeida Theatre
SUBJECT LINE:  December at the Almeida

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Almeida Theatre email design

What we love

Almeida Theatre in London is great at keeping emails simple, relaxed, and easy on the eyes. I notice a slight hint of x-mas in the red-green that faces you right upfront when opening the email, which suits the December theme.

I love how the bold animated gif enforces the strong feelings the Almeida Theatre attendees have for the venue. The modern, bright color palette works wonderfully for them, too. Also note the use of negative space. There’s a lot of white and a lot of spacing around blocks, buttons and images. The email content itself floats in the very center.

The spacing also reminds us that there’s another level to the email. I also like the un-evenness of the email. Shown in the logo, in how buttons don’t necessarily align with images, and blocks don’t have the same amount of text. It works great because it comes with a sense of intention: upside-down, unaligned, it doesn’t matter. This is even more evident by visiting their website, which has a very creative design.

Congratulations, Almeida Theatre!


Try these techniques

Backgrounds and borders

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Use ‘blank’ space in your favor

Try focusing on your content and let design adapt to it from time to time. If your text is longer than the image next to it, that’s fine! Subscribers appreciate your content more than anything else. Making things ‘less tight’ can work as well. You may want tighter content in mobile design to minimize scrolling.

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