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Email of the Month: ACMI

Miguel Panayotty

WordFly Email of the Month | ACMI
Welcome to the Email of the Month Club, where each month we select one amazing email that stands out from the pack.

We hope this monthly feature will inspire you, give you some ideas for your next campaign, and provide the opportunity to show off the great work you’re doing. Here’s our Email of the Month Club Winner for January 2016.

WINNER:  Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)
SUBJECT LINE:  Essential Anime starts Monday!


What we love

This email is straightforward, simple and clean. This is a great example of delivering information quickly and effectively. I’m pleased to see a video used as the header, especially from an organization whose name contains “the moving image”. The video itself is beautifully done and makes me forget for a moment that I’m reading an email.

I also loved the “Alert” call to action, used with a light blue background and white lettering, as opposed to the red theme that usually accompanies this word. It’s these types of details that make an email more engaging.

It’s smart that this email focuses on a single subject: Anime. You get exactly what the subject line tells you, with no added ingredients. There are no small announcements for other events, there’s just the single series which we’re being informed of. I also have to say, I’m personally impressed with the choice of movies, featuring my favorite anime director Hayao Miyazaki on 3 of the 6 films. (I recommend starting with Princess Mononoke if you’re unfamiliar with his work.)

Great job, ACMI!


Try these techniques

Video in email

Add a video to your email. Just remember to add at least the MP4 file and a backup link to a hosted version of the video, e.g., YouTube. Make sure your fallback image is nice as well.

Credit your images

Remember to always credit any images you use in your emails! ACMI gives us a great example of how to use images the right way. Not only does this convey professionalism, but you’re also crediting other people’s hard work and avoiding any legal problems.

Focus your message

Try building an email which focuses on a single subject or event. Give it the full spotlight it deserves without trying to sell other events with it. It might mean building an extra email or two for your other events, but it might also mean better results in the end. Test away and see what works better for your organization.


Got an email you think can earn the top spot?

Let us know!