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Email of the Month: Kings Place

Miguel Panayotty

Email of the Month Kings Place
Welcome to the Email of the Month Club, where each month we select one amazing email that stands out from the pack.

WINNER:  Kings Place
SUBJECT LINE:  Coming up this January at Kings Place…

Kings Place email design

What we love

Designing an email to promote 34 events can be a challenge, and Kings Place has done it effectively—and with style. Through a creative use of background colors, they’ve created a subtle pattern that adds an artistic tone to the email.

The bold use of a large image block next to a much smaller one is also visually stunning. The disparity between both is then balanced by the text and call to action. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also perfectly addresses a common question: How do I perfectly align two blocks? In this case, you don’t! But you do achieve balance.

The visual changes as you continue down the email help readability and encourage you to keep scrolling. Transitioning from one column, to two, to three columns; it really helps.

To add the cherry on top, a background image adds a bright pop of color in an otherwise grayscale design. Just in the corner, though, to remind us how affordable it can be to attend a cultural event.

Congratulations, Kings Place!


Try these techniques

Use backgrounds in your favor

Read our articles on email backgrounds to learn all of the options we have, including gradient backgrounds, backgrounds images, and borders.

Experiment with image ratios

Would square images work well with your email design? Try exploring different image ratios. In this case Kings Place does not stick to a single ratio, but uses a variety across the email to obtain the look they want.

Got an email you think can earn the top spot?

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