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Email of the Month: Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Miguel Panayotty

WordFly Email of the Month | Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Welcome to the Email of the Month Club, where each month we select one amazing email that stands out from the pack.

We hope this monthly feature will inspire you, give you some ideas for your next campaign, and provide the opportunity to show off the great work you’re doing. Here’s our Email of the Month Club Winner for November 2015.

WINNER:  Toronto Symphony Orchestra
SUBJECT LINE:  See classic movies like never before


What we love

There’s something special about the way things came together in this email. Visually, it seems there’s a perfect balance with the way colors were used, as you immediately understand why the word ‘classic’ appeared in the subject line. We love the old grey background closing down to perfectly chosen lettering on top of a black and white picture, reminiscent of silent films.

After that? Short descriptions, great use of columns and gorgeous mobile view. A+ design!

What about content? Besides announcing The Decades Project, we learn about upcoming performances, a Back to the Future with Live Orchestra event, and Psycho with Live Orchestra. Very engaging and perfect for October. I’d love to attend to all those events!

Congratulations, Toronto Symphony Orchestra!


Try these techniques

Column use

Switch from 1 column to 2 columns and back. Experiment with every section.

Less copy

Cut down the amount of words. Don’t make emails your websiteā€”Use emails to draw your subscribers to your website instead.

Sponsor logos

Sponsor logos can be elegantly added to an email without disturbing the design. Be strategic about where to place them and what to surround them with.


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