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Email of the Month: Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

Miguel Panayotty

Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Welcome to the Email of the Month Club, where each month we select one amazing email that stands out from the pack.

WINNER:  Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
SUBJECT LINE:  Music when the lights go on

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Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment email design

What we love

Storytelling is a powerful tool that is often talked about but can be tricky to execute well. This email from the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment nails it with their Cosmic Dawn event. The name itself is already powerful and thought-inducing, but the entire feel of the email design elevates that.

A change from the more common white background, we’re presented with a dark grey one that is very welcome—especially by dark-theme-enthusiasts everywhere. The main image and title gives off a somewhat-eerie feeling for an intriguing and mysterious start. The event itself is presented with a beautiful choice of font colors and short text. All of this becomes an experience that almost forces you to click the BOOK NOW button and at least learn more about Cosmic Dawn. This design resonates very well in an era where H.P. Lovecraft is a known name once again, and all things cosmic are part of pop culture. The second event presented at the bottom further adds to the ambience of the email with the choice of an old black-and-white portrait.

We believe email can be art. As art does, email should evoke feelings and this email evoked feelings and induces thoughts. The efforts to mix art and science are commendable, and we love the execution here.

(Written while wearing my favorite NASA shirt)


Try these techniques

Experiment with background colors

Make sure to play around with your options. Perhaps designs that vary by color depending on the segment (preference) you are addressing. Learn how to change background colors.

Give movement to your designs

Adding either an animated gif or perhaps a full video if you have one. Do consider where video is supported.

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