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Email of the Month: SFMOMA

Miguel Panayotty

WordFly Email of the Month | SFMOMA
Welcome to the Email of the Month Club, where each month we select one amazing email that stands out from the pack.

We hope this monthly feature will inspire you, give you some ideas for your next campaign, and provide the opportunity to show off the great work you’re doing. Here’s our Email of the Month Club Winner for October 2016.

WINNER:  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
SUBJECT LINE:  SFMOMA Monthly: New exhibitions, artist talks, film screenings, and more!

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

What we love

The first thing I noticed about this email is the way that the header and background blend together. I immediately compared those to opening curtains in a show, revealing a curious and colorful stage, followed by wordplay that reminds us of the upcoming fall season.

Once we scroll past the main image and call to action, we find a listing of the top events for the month. All presented against a crisp white background, with black letters and popping red links and buttons. The text is contrasted with powerful portraits, stills, and photographs.

This email is so good because it does exactly what it should. It draws people outside of the email and into the website or venue. We call to action. We want conversion. We want engagement. Much like a salesperson thinks: We have to close, close, close!

I’d also love to point out how well the design works without perfect alignment of images next to text. Users oftentimes focus too much on these types of details, which will undoubtedly vary between email clients, instead of simply adding helpful, thought-out content. This email is a perfect example of how little perfect alignment matters when your email looks and flows great.

Congratulations, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art!


Try these techniques

Give it a personal touch

Notice the small design details that give the email a personal touch, like the slight drop shadow behind the Purchase Tickets button and the smaller rounded buttons. These techniques are easy to achieve by entering a little code in the mini CSS editor. To create a shaded button, go to Button > Styles > Background & Border > CSS, and add this code: box-shadow: #cccccc 2px 2px 2px 1px;. To round the button edges, add this: border-radius: 25px;

Create a starter email

As subscribers to monthly or weekly campaigns, we want to look at emails like we look at magazines. We subscribe because we like the familiar feel and the way information is presented and delivered. Try making a custom starter email template to use every time you send a new campaign. Because, if done well, even when someone is quickly skimming through their mail, your familiar design will stand out and make them stop for a bit longer. Because even if they don’t plan a visit this week, they’ll want a brief look at what beautiful things you’re presenting.

Got an email you think can earn the top spot?

Let us know!