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Email of the Month: Chicago Architecture Foundation

Miguel Panayotty

WordFly Email of the Month | Chicago Architecture Foundation
Welcome to the Email of the Month Club, where each month we select one amazing email that stands out from the pack.

We hope this monthly feature will inspire you, give you some ideas for your next campaign, and provide the opportunity to show off the great work you’re doing. Here’s our Email of the Month Club Winner for September 2016.

WINNER:  Chicago Architecture Foundation
SUBJECT LINE:  CAF monthly news: August 2016

Chicago Architecture Foundation

What we love

There’s more than meets the eye with this email campaign. The email above is just one of many possible versions of the email. CAF’s inventive template uses dynamic tags inside the HTML code to hide or show entire containers based on what preferences each recipient has opted in or out of.

Focusing on each subscriber’s interests is a great way to increase click rates, engagement, and ultimately revenue. Hiding entire sections results in showing only relevant and attractive information.

The scale of the email images is substantial, but always interesting. It’s great to see large images accompanied by just the right amount of description for each one, followed by an inviting red button. We’re always focused on the center of the screen, eager to scroll down a bit more to reveal the next big picture.

Backgrounds are used beautifully and give the email a fresh look. We love how the last two sections change to a negative and then to grayscale. It gives the design an even-more modern look at the end.

Congratulations, Chicago Architecture Foundation!


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