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Email of the Month: The Shed

Kirk Bentley

The Shed
Welcome to the Email of the Month Club, where each month we select one amazing email that stands out from the pack.

WINNER:  The Shed
SUBJECT LINE:  How was Norma Jeane Baker of Troy?

The Shed email design

Minimal, Strategic, and Smart.

You don’t have to look twice at this post-show campaign from The Shed to notice they’re doing something unique. From a design and layout perspective, it’s striking in its minimalism. While doing something different is a big win in our book, there’s much more than meets the eye to this campaign.

Firstly, it’s delivering results. With a 55% open rate and 26% click rate, The Shed is resonating with show-goers. Those stats are typical for a pre-show reminder or maybe even last-minute ticket offer. But engaging after the event asking for a review or additional engagement isn’t always this successful. The Shed is obviously tuned into their audience and know how to use design, layout, data, and typography to get results. Here are few things we think are contributing to their success.

Tactical Wins


  • Subscriber name and member level personalization
  • Survey CTA is prominently featured at the top of the email
  • Links are underlined to reinforce action
  • Advertising upcoming performances is smart when you’ve got such high engagement rates

Next Level


  • Customer journey focused
    This isn’t a post-show survey request. This is a jumping off point to engage, learn more about The Shed, tell your friends, and come again.
  • Mobile-first design
    Minimal text and design help make this an easy read on the phone.
  • Typography email geek award
    The Shed gets extra points for using their self-hosted custom font successfully. This can be a tricky design element to pull off.

Congratulations to The Shed on creating an innovative, customer journey focused campaign that’s getting results.

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