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5 WordFly Features I’m Thankful For

Kirk Bentley

5 WordFly Features I'm Thankful ForHere at WordFly HQ we’re not just building a great email service, we’re big WordFly users, too.

In the product business they call it eating your own dog food (I know, gross). Just like you, we work in WordFly all day long, building emails, sending, importing and generally pushing the email envelope as it were. As I’m looking back on my email workflow this year, I’m giving thanks for these five features that make life a little better. Here are my favorites as compared to my favorite Thanksgiving dinner foods.


#1  Labels (Gravy)

It took a little effort up front but once I got the hang of it, labels made my email life immeasurably better. I can search, sort and filter by labels and that makes finding my lists, campaigns and templates much faster. Convenience aside, my boss appreciates how quickly I can show the reporting for a specific campaign type (or even Compare Campaigns). I’m able to sort my reporting metrics by label so I can report back to the team on our different marketing efforts. Labels, I love you like I love gravy.

WordFly Labels

#2  Right-Click to Duplicate (Sweet Potatoes)

This might be my favorite thing in WordFly because it utilizes a mouse click function I already use all the time: Right-click. When I’m working fast and need to build a new email in Modern Editor, right-clicking to duplicate blocks makes my day well…sweet.

Modern Editor Duplicate menu

#3  Google Analytics Customization (Turkey)

Thanksgiving without turkey is like digital marketing without Google Analytics. It’s just not right. In WordFly we’ve added the ability to see more detailed email link tracking in Google Analytics. This customization feature is fairly new but it’s a welcome addition. Head to your Account section to turn it on. When you’re building your campaign, go to “Full Review” in the Testing Section and name your links. These link names are automatically passed back to your GA account. It makes it a whole lot easier to see exactly what is engaging your subscribers.

Google Analytics options

#4  Styling Alt Text (Cranberry Sauce)

Much like the oft-maligned cranberry, styling your alt text isn’t a deal breaker for everyone. But if you like a little extra zing in your email, you should try it out. Since most email clients display email with images off, it is a neat way to add some personality to your campaign and another chance to get noticed in the busy inbox.

Image Alt Text Styling

#5  Clean Text (Butter Roll)

I’m not sure, but I think the team built this just for me. The Clean button strips out extra code and cleans it all up. So, yeah, just like when you use a butter roll to clean up your Thanksgiving plate! As an additional side dish, WordFly now supports copying text from Microsoft Word. This makes adding content so much easier!

Editor Clean Code Link

Well, those are some of my favorite features (and foods). What are yours? If you’ve got tips and tricks you’d like to share, let us know. Also, be sure to tell us what your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is. I’m starving!


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