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Forward to a Friend

Miguel Panayotty

Forward to a Friend

Forwarding emails. It’s one of the first things I learned how to do back in the early days of the internet. Inboxes were plagued with chain mail, scammers were on the rise, and sending electronic correspondence was everyone’s new favorite thing.

Quick jump to the present and we’re still using that forward button. Why not, right? But when it comes to email marketing, there’s an alternative option which is superior. Unfortunately it seems that only email marketers and few others know about it. Let’s talk about the Forward to a Friend link.


The Forward to a Friend link advantage

Think about the times when your email looked strange in just one email client. For example, that time when your email was just not rendering perfect in Outlook or that other time where alignment was totally off in Gmail. These differences happen because email clients use various rendering engines.

Rendering engines are responsible for interpreting the HTML code that we send as an email and translating it into a visual medium. Very nice, but what does this have to do with email forwarding?

When you forward using your email client, you are sending others the email as it was interpreted by your client’s rendering engine. Your friends’ own rendering engines will see this code, and re-interpret it, often resulting in emails which look scrambled, stretched, or just not quite right. This is especially true with responsive design.

Using the Forward to a Friend link resolves these problems by sending the email to your friend directly from our servers, giving their own email client a chance to interpret the code from scratch, which should result in a beautiful-looking email. Especially if you took the time to test it 😉


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