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GDPR Updates Available Now

Kirk Bentley

We’d like to provide a quick update on the changes we’ve implemented and introduce you to a couple of completely new tools in WordFly.

We take data privacy, data protection, your customers’ data, and GDPR very seriously. We’ve always adhered to the highest international standards for privacy and security. WordFly is certified for both EU and Swiss Privacy Shield Frameworks and work closely with our partner TrustArc on remaining compliant through our annual audit.

We believe thoughtful international regulation and good governance like GDPR and CASL are positive developments for citizens around the world and allow WordFly the opportunity to help foster a more transparent culture of data collection.

The penalties for violating GDPR are serious. Please be sure to review the requirements whether you operate in the EU or elsewhere. If you have any questions about WordFly capabilities or your requirements for meeting the GDPR policy, please reach out to us with your questions.

Here are the GDPR updates we’ve implemented and a brief description of the feature updates we’ve launched to help you stay compliant.

Right to Be Forgotten

If a subscriber reaches out to your organization and requests that you remove all WordFly data associated with their address, the Forget This Subscriber button will permanently delete it. Click the email address on the Subscriber Profile to access the button.

Tessitura Contact Permissions

For organizations using the Tessitura integration, we’ve made updates to provide support for Contact Permissions (available in Tessitura V14) allowing for a more granular level of opt-in.

Adding support for Contact Permissions provides users the ability to set this as a Preference type in WordFly. This data will be returned to Tessitura in the same manner as other data is sent currently. Users can set up stored procedure in Tessitura to update the Contact Permission data however they would like.

If you have questions about these new features, please reach out to us.