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Get Excited About SMS

Kirk Bentley

SMSSMS reminds me of email marketing circa 2006. It’s insanely effective, ubiquitous, and easy to build a program around. Yet, SMS doesn’t get marketers excited. I get it. Compared to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or the latest stylish social channel, SMS is a little dry. But just like email marketing, SMS clearly generates business and you should be using it. Here’s why…


Open Rates Around 98%

If you sent an email campaign that had an open rate of 98%, you probably be calling Team WordFly to see if something’s broken. Not so with SMS. People consistently open, read and click on SMS. There’s an urgency and importance that email and other channels simply don’t have.


Immediate Response

People open and respond to SMS fast. Usually within three minutes of receiving. So, if you’ve got a last-minute ticket offer, cancellation, venue change or need to give your bartender a heart attack, send out an offer a few hours before show time.


Out of Control CTR

SMS will generally give you about 6X improvement over your email marketing click through rate. Most SMS campaigns will see about a 36% average CTR. Pro tip > Make sure your mobile purchase path is clear and easy to go follow. Set the expectation that your messaging and purchase path is smooth and the easiest way to buy.


160 Characters

Nobody has time to read an epic screed any more. Even if they do, our phones have turned us all into “snack” readers binging on the latest listicle (like this one!). Of course, a shorter character limit also means you can spend more time doing something else and less time writing long sales copy.


No Lines

No crowds! The SMS marketing space is simply less busy than other channels. Email, Twitter and Facebook fill up fast. SMS is one-to-one and gets noticed easily. As long as your message is relevant and your cadence is on the mark, you’ve got a fighting chance.

Ready to send an SMS campaign?
Email us to get started. SMS is available now for WordFly users in the UK, EU, Australia and New Zealand. Coming soon to North America. Tell us you’re interested and we’ll alert you when it’s ready.