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How Healthy is your Email Program?

Kirk Bentley

WordFly Subscriber Insights

If you’re in charge of growing your email list and building a stronger business, Subscriber Insights helps you measure your progress and reach your goals.

We focus a lot on growth here at WordFly HQ. Whether it’s a personal goal, a new product idea or a revenue milestone, we’re a group that prefers to push instead of coast. We know our users are the same and that’s why we recently launched Subscriber Insights. It’s a tool that helps you set goals for your email program and track your progress.


When we were dreaming up Subscriber Insights we knew wanted to keep it about results and real-time tracking. Like all features, it had to add value and help our users make data-based decisions about their email program. But we wanted it to be something more. Instead of just numbers, stats and percentages, we wanted Subscriber Insights to tell the story of your subscribers. We wanted to show how people were added to your list, how engaged they were and how they read your emails. In essence, our goal was to design a data-centric list health tracker that focused on people not just numbers.

EngagedIf you’re responsible for growing your email list (and let’s face it, who isn’t these days?), you can use Subscriber Insights as a daily, weekly or monthly measurement tool. Just like you’d measure your progress at the gym or long distance running. You can track the success of your email program the same way. Set goals. Work. Track progress. Repeat.


Pro tip: Want to impress the boss? Download your Subscriber Insights and start sending her your monthly list growth stats from WordFly. I’ve never met a board or C-suite member that doesn’t love list engagement and growth stats. Bonus points for sending benchmark data from our reporting section.