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Feature Spotlight: Image Editor

Kelly Sutter

WordFly Image Editor

All new! A better, more email-centric image editor!

Working with the WordFly team every day to build a product for some of the coolest customers on earth is seriously the best thing ever. And no, I am not exaggerating. The new WordFly Image Editor reflects everything we love about working with you.

We’ve been listening to your requests, and our previous third-party image editor simply couldn’t do what you needed. So, we built our own! We tailored it for people who build emails, and we’re not done yet. More enhancements are on their way.

WordFly Image Editor: Shape tool

Why are we so excited about the new image editor?

To start, you can do things you couldn’t do before…

Use your own fonts.

This is a game-changer. Why be limited to Arial and Comic Sans? Use your brand font instead. Just type in any font name that is installed on your computer to use it in your image.

Add multiple images to your canvas.

Add any image you need! Pull it from your Media folder or upload it on the fly from your desktop. Add your logo to a beauty shot for the perfect banner image. Combine more images to make a collage. What the heck, add a Vespa sticker! You have the power.

Add YouTube and Vimeo play buttons and more.

Our most-requested feature! Add a play button to your video placeholder image in less than 10 seconds. Combine two images for a specific look or create your own using shapes.

Export your image as a JPG or PNG.

Set the compression levels for JPG and preview it for quality before you save it to your email. If you need a transparent image that will float on any background color, save it as a PNG. We’ve got your back either way.

We also added popular workhorse features from the previous editor.

Add shapes.

We’ve provided you with a library of shapes to choose from, including email and ticket icons. Apply custom colors and outlines. Combine them with text or images to create clicktastic buttons.

Resize your image.

Type in any size. The Lock setting preserves your proportions and the Unlock setting let’s you go crazy.

Crop your image.

Select from preset proportions or draw any size you need. Click Apply and you’re done!


What’s coming next?

This is the fun part. You can tell us what you need! In the upcoming months, you’ll have the ability to add borders, rotate the canvas, and apply Filters, Masks, and Adjustments to your images. Ever wanted to create a circle-shaped image for your email that could float on any background color? You’ll be able to do that soon! What else do you want to do? Let us know!