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Measure Up with Industry Benchmarking

Kirk Bentley

Industry Benchmarking

Ever wonder how you fare against the competition? Of all the valuable reporting tools in WordFly, our industry benchmarking is occasionally overlooked. Sure, you already know how your campaigns are doing individually and you may have a good idea of your historical data, but what about industry-wide? You can use WordFly to compare your email metrics to other organizations like yours with our proprietary opt-in benchmarking program. Keep reading to find out how.


Making Valid Comparisons

WordFly is proud to work with hundreds of the most well-known brands in the cultural attractions, entertainment and performing arts sectors. We specialize in meeting the unique needs of the non-profit industry. Operating in 10 countries around the world, WordFly customers come in all shapes and sizes. Massive world-renowned museums, iconic performing arts halls and local one-room indie theatres are all part of the WordFly community. For our users it means a big sample size of valuable industry-specific data. Your board doesn’t care how your click rates compare to the medical device industry. They want to know you’re competing with the museum down the street, across town or on the other side of the globe. With an opt-in rate over 80%, WordFly gives you a big sample size of the best organizations in the business.

Anonymous Activation

We’ve gone to great lengths to protect your privacy. We never reveal any data that can be traced back to your organization. Our program is completely anonymous and keeps all your private metrics…well…private. WordFly simply puts your campaign averages into a big anonymous bucket with everyone else. Activating our benchmarking tools is easy. Just head to Account > Account Options. Tick the box to activate benchmarking. To get the most out of the service, make sure you’ve accurately filled out your Account Information.

Seeing Results

After you’ve sent a few campaigns you can start making use of benchmarking by going to Reporting > Compare Campaigns. Just select the types of campaigns you want to review and then select the benchmarking properties and you’re all set. You can segment by type of organization and geography.


The next time you find yourself presenting to the executive leadership or board members, lead off your presentation with your averages compared to similar organizations. It’s a great way to show your email program is on the right track and that you’re running a successful program that competes right there with the best of them.

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