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WordFly integrates with leading web services to expand the reach of our platform so you can easily access the functionality from these tools, synchronize subscriber data from one application to another, and share content. We’ve connected with these category leaders because their services are easy to use, yet powerful…just like ours.


Tessitura Software® is the leading enterprise-wide, fully integrated software system developed specifically for the needs of arts, cultural and entertainment organizations. It provides a 360-degree CRM platform for all aspects of customer interaction. WordFly has developed a deep custom integration with Tessitura to fully leverage the breadth of customer data to create micro-targeted campaigns, to trigger messaging based on customer actions, and to personalize messaging through conditional content. In addition, you can access Tessitura data from the WordFly interface.

  • Box Office Insight — Custom screen for Tessitura
  • Import Extractions and List Manager lists directly into WordFly
  • Automatic encrypted sync of email and SMS events, preferences, and survey and RSVP responses
  • Segment by source number, customer behavior, and more


Centaman is a market leader in Enterprise Software Solutions for the leisure & recreation industry and both profit and not-for-profit attractions. The software provides ticketing, point of sale, CRM, memberships, access control, and analytics & reporting. Centaman partnered with WordFly to provide its customers with an integrated messaging platform to support a single point of customer data. Access data from Centaman directly within WordFly and send highly segmented and targeted messages, then WordFly sends all the activity data back to Centaman.

  • Import Centaman lists directly into WordFly
  • Automatic encrypted sync of email and SMS events
  • Triggered membership renewal reminders and more
  • Segment lists by customer behavior and more


Your customers go everywhere; shouldn't your analytics? Google Analytics shows you the full customer picture across ads and videos, websites and social tools, tablets and smartphones. Emails are an essential part of leading customers to these destinations and driving ROI. The WordFly Google Analytics integration allows you to track this performance. The integration is simple. Just check the box to add Google Analytics tracking while building your campaign and tracking codes are automatically added to your links. Once your campaign is sent, you can discover how many visits, conversions, and sales your email campaign generated with Google Analytics’ reporting.

Email Testing

Litmus helps you to quickly proof campaigns and troubleshoot rendering issues to ensure your email looks beautiful everywhere. Preview your campaigns across 50+ email clients and devices and get screenshots in minutes. See how your message looks in the preview pane and with images on and off. Run a test for those with color blindness to confirm the content is readable. You can also get your email scanned the major spam filter SpamAssassin. With the WordFly integration, you can run all of these tests right while you are building and testing your email.


mBlox provides a mobile engagement platform that enables companies to reach individuals on virtually any mobile device worldwide with SMS. Able to reach more than 800 operators in over 180 countries, mBlox powers the delivery of millions of mobile messages daily and is regarded as the industry’s benchmark for reliability, quality of service, support, and ease of use. Their network services power a wide range of customers, including financial institutions, retail, transportation firms, entertainment & media companies, and consumer brands. This is why WordFly selected mBlox as its partner in offering SMS to you.

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