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Managing a team of email marketers: Part 2

Samantha Orr

Part 2
Getting the company newsletter ready to send is a regular process for most of us. Marketing emails take time and effort from the team to put together. We’ve already shared what can help you plan out your email marketing. In this post we’ll cover how to make it happen.

Sending an email can be broken down into five core steps: Creating content, design, development, testing and approving.


Step 1: Creating content

The content in your email should be brief and lead users to places outside the email. There’s a tendency to provide as much information as possible in an email. But engaging emails actually provide enticing snippets with clear calls to action. Keep text to a minimum and use links and buttons to drive readers to your website and blog for more.


Step 2: Design

Designing the email should really be an effort that gets the most attention at the beginning of your email planning. Create template versions of the designs you plan to use throughout the year. Insert placeholder text and images with clear style guidelines (heading, link, etc). Templates can be used for new emails as needed. Templates take much of the guess work out of the content creating process and help the team focus more on the content.

Examples of templates:

In WordFly you can create any email design into a custom Starter Email that can be a template for the team to use moving forward.

Image production will always be a task that comes up in the day-to-day email cycle. Make sure your team has the resources needed for great looking images in the body of the email. Tools like Photoshop and directories of high-quality images or stock photos are key.


Step 3: Development

Development is the part of the email production process where the team is actually building the email. This is easy in WordFly with email building tools like Modern Editor and a simple campaign creation process. Help your team know how to use the tools they have for building out the email.

Use WordFly’s support posts to learn more:


Step 4: Testing

Testing is arguably the most important part of your email production process. This is the part where your team ensures the email is in tip-top shape. Test emails should be sent to ensure there are no typos in the copy, text and image links all go to the correct landing pages, and the email renders well across all major email clients.

We recommend:

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Step 5: Approving

Every email should go through a proper approval process so that the right eyes are reviewing the email before it is deployed to your subscribers.

Here are a few ways you can share your email with the approvers:

  • Send test emails to the reviewer(s)
  • Copy your View Email as Webpage link and forward that to the reviewer(s)
  • Use Forward to a Friend in the email to send a copy with a note to the reviewer(s)


Use these steps as a guideline to fine-tune or create your own process for your emails. This may even help you grow your team as you demonstrate the need for additional hands in the process.


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