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Modern Editor Timesavers

Samantha Orr

Time Machine
You need all the time-saving tools you can get to quickly design amazing emails. We get that and that’s why we’ve developed some great shortcut tools in Modern Editor.

Here’s a quick list of timesavers to know about and use when you’re working in Modern Editor:


Navigating in Modern Editor


Our favorite keyboard shortcuts

We’ve developed some highly efficient keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate and work in Modern Editor.

  • Open Stylesheet tab
    Quickly access your email’s stylesheet anytime with this keyboard shortcut.
    MAC: Command-shift-S
    PC: Control-shift-S
  • Open Blocks tab
    Quickly switch back to the main blocks tab of your email.
    MAC: Command-shift-B
    PC: Control-shift-B
  • Close block editor
    Quickly close the block editor when you’re working inside a block.

Learn about all our keyboard shortcuts.


Duplicate or Delete blocks

This is especially useful for duplicating or deleting containers with individual blocks. For example, right-click on a two-column block and duplicate all the contents within that block directly below it!

  • From the email preview panel, right-click on any block to duplicate or delete the block.


Designing in Modern Editor


In Modern Editor you have the ability to edit every part of the CSS that makes up your email design and we call these elements ‘Styles’. You can go deep with your styles or keep things simple, it’s up to you. We recommend focusing on your General Styles. Styles set up under General Styles will be used across all blocks with text and will save you time.

  • Go to STYLESHEET > ESSENTIALS > General Styles.

Learn more about General Styles and setting up all your email styles.


Link Checking in Modern Editor


We’ve built a handy Link Map tool in Modern Editor to quickly see which areas of your email are clickable and where alt text has not been entered for images. This tool allows users to easily see where they’ve added links (or forgotten to add them). Click on those links to see if they are going to the correct location.

  • To use the Link Map tool in Modern Editor, click on the arrow icon in the upper-right corner above the email preview panel.


Reusable Templates in Modern Editor


Create template versions of the designs you plan to use throughout the year. Insert placeholder text and images with clear style guidelines (heading, link, etc). Templates can be used for new emails as needed and take much of the guess work out of the design process. Here’s an example.

  • Convert any email design into a Custom Starter Email that can be a template for the team to use moving forward.


New to using Modern Editor?

Take a few minutes to review our Introduction to Modern Editor article or watch our Modern Editor New User training recording to get an overview of using Modern Editor.