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New typography options in Modern Editor

Kelly Sutter

Modern Editor Typography
Modern Editor is out of beta, but we haven’t stopped adding new features. Here are four new ways to fine-tune the email text in your next campaign.

1. Set up a Base font

Does your entire email need to be set in Verdana with grey text? Save yourself design time by setting up a font family and font color in one place: the Base style. Not only is this the quickest way to customize your text, but it sets up a fallback font for your email. This is especially helpful when formatting might not carry over from Word perfectly.

In the Stylesheet tab, click General Styles, then Base within the Typography section.

2. Adjust the spacing below text

We’ve added the new Margin Bottom style option for the discerning designer who wants to control the spacing below paragraphs, headings, and list items. If you want your headline flush up against your body copy, try setting the Heading 1 margin bottom to 2px. If you’re looking for more spacing between your bullet points, try setting the List Item margin bottom to 10px. Or if you like the default spacing we provide in our starter emails, you don’t need to do a thing.

To adjust spacing below text, look for Margin Bottom in all text areas.

3. Remove underlining from your text links

By popular request, we’ve added a simple way to turn off underlining for the links in your email. Just look for the Underline icon in Link styles. If you turn off underlines, make sure you give your readers another way to tell that they are still links, e.g., a unique color.

In the Stylesheet tab, click General Styles, then Link within the Typography section. Deselect the Underline icon.

4. Style your alt text

Email client support for styled alt text varies from good to none, but we still wanted to provide the option to jazz up the alt text when images don’t load. For any image area you can set the font family, font size, line height, text alignment, and text color for your alt text.

In the Stylesheet tab, click General Styles, then Image Alt Text right at the top.

Want to learn more?
Check out the Modern Editor knowledge base at support.wordfly.com.