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Art marketers. Open the doors.

Kirk Bentley

By now, if you’re like most of us, you’ve done the painful work of closing the venue, sending the cancellation notices, turning off your event reminders, and making sure the living room doesn’t look like a mess on video conferences. And like everyone else around the world, you’re wondering what could possibly be next.


Even though we may be stuck at home. This is no time to sit still.

I believe the next opportunity for the arts and culture community is to rise to the challenge before us. As we watch this virus steal loved ones, audiences, gathering spaces and even our ancient human need to share experiences together, we must fight the urge to go quiet and instead, open the doors of art and culture to an online world clamoring for comfort.

The world, in fact, desperately needs the arts right now.

Artists, arts marketers and the culture community must lead the way doing what we do best. Creating and connecting. Much like healthcare workers caring for our physical health, the arts and culture community must now care for soul and spirit of humanity. For the sick and the well. The old and the young. We must harness the healing power of art and culture to lift the spirit and sooth the mind. I mean, that’s why you got into this, right? It’s up to you to bring this potent prescription to the world.

So, whatever you do next. Keep connecting. Send more email.

Post more on social. Bring people together anyway you can. Sing, dance, laugh, create and educate online. Because we are living in a world where the sacred doors to human art and culture are literally closed to everyone. No one can get in and see and experience our story without you. And we definitely can’t make it through this without some jazz hands here and there. It’s up to you, art marketers, open the doors and let us in.



We’ve been watching in amazement over the last several days at how the WordFly community has been using email to transition to online storytelling. We’re incredibly proud to play just a small role in what you do. Here are a few of our recent favorites. We hope they inspire you like did us, to work harder than ever at fulfilling your personal and professional mission.

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