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Are you optimizing your email design for mobile?

Kelly Sutter

Designing for Mobile
As a designer, I am at my happiest when I’m using a tool that allows me fine control over every single aspect of my design. This is especially true when I am designing emails that need to be read in multiple environments.

When designing emails for the desktop, I can add lots of padding around items and let the content swim in fields of luxurious space. But when designing for mobile devices, I need to downsize that padding and text so my email can be easily read on smaller screens and on the go.

WordFly’s Global/Mobile stylesheet toggle in Modern Editor allows me that level of control.


Global or Mobile?

Modern Editor Global/Mobile Toggle

When the Global toggle is active, the styles you set will apply equally to your email, whether you view it on a desktop, tablet, or phone. This covers pretty much everything you’ll want to do.

When the Mobile toggle is active, the styles you set will override the Global and only display on screens less than 480px wide. It’s completely optional. You can use it to change background colors or fonts for easier reading on mobile devices. You can also use it to refine the padding and alignment of your content on smaller screens.

A quick way to decide which toggle you need is to ask yourself, “Where do I want to see these styles?”

  • If your answer is “In all views of the email,” select the Global toggle
  • If your answer is “Only on mobile devices,” select the Mobile toggle


What’s the best way to use the toggle?

1. Truth be told, most of the time you won’t need to use it at all. Just leave it set to Global. First go through and set up all of your styles and build your email with the Global tab selected. Then use the Preview slider to see how the email styles look in both Desktop and Mobile views.

2. Once everything is looking great on all devices, click on Mobile to make small design refinements only for the Mobile version. For example, let’s say you want to remove the padding around an image so it fills the entire width of the mobile email. Click on the image then select the Mobile toggle. The preview will scale down to mobile size. Type 0px into the padding fields, then use the Preview slider to see how the image padding changes when the email is wider than 480px.

3. If you want to refine your mobile version even more, keep on going. Your mobile readers are worth the effort (and your designer will be happy, too). Try it out, and let us know what you think!


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