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Our Top 10 List Growth Tips

Kirk Bentley

Top 10 List Growth TipsA growing list is a sign of a prosperous business. But year after year email marketers say adding quality subscribers to their list is one of their biggest challenges.

With an average attrition rate of 10-20%, if you’re not adding new subscribers every month, you’ll eventually run out of valuable subscribers. Here are our favorite techniques for building a strong and engaged email list.


10. Create Great Content

People respond to beauty. Start with interesting and engaging content and then keep them guessing. Mix it up with new styles and techniques. Variety is the spice of life. Keep it interesting. If your click and open rates are falling off, it’s time for a change.


9. Forward to a Friend

The original “viral” marketing technique. Get your valued subscribers to share your email with their friends. Prominently feature the FTAF link or try building an entire campaign around it. Incentivize your subscribers to forward by offering a discount for sending to a friend. Make them use the FTAF link and not the forward button in their email client.


8. Run a Contest

Contests are list growth gold. Are some people signing up just to win? Sure. But if you deliver on #10, you’ll retain a lot of new subscribers when it’s all over. Run a contest and encourage people to share. Promote it on social and your other web properties.


7. Re-engage

Does your list seem a little stale? CTR and Opens flat? Send out a re-engagement campaign to wake up those old subscribers. Find out if subscribers still want to be on the list or change their preferences. Use it as an opportunity to learn more and incentivize activity.


6. Go Social

Promote your email program on your social properties. Make sure your email program offers something special you can’t get anywhere else. Last-minute deals, sales and exclusive content are exciting for your fans. Many of your followers may not know your email program exists. Take the message to social and get them signed up.


5. Events

If you host events at your venue, make sure attendees can sign up for your email program. Use iPads or go old school and break out the paper, pencil and clipboard. Just make it easy and make sure you convey the value.


4. Print

Don’t forget about that brochure, marketing one-sheet or event cocktail napkin.


3. Promote with SMS

Send out text messages through WordFly to promote your email program. Don’t forget to make it an offer they can’t refuse.


2. Add a Static Web Form

Publish a gorgeous and easy to follow sign-up form on your site. Remember, this is your chance to capture as much information as possible. Name, birthday and list preferences are all things you can segment by later.


1. Add a Lightbox Form

You may think they are annoying at times, but wow, do they ever work. If you need to add a lot of addresses quickly, this is the technique for you. Use WordFly’s new tools to create a completely custom pop-up form on your website and then kick back and watch your list number blossom.