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Putting Engagement Scores to Work

Kirk Bentley

Engagement Score

WordFly’s new tools show you exactly who’s interacting with your program and who’s not. With the addition of our new segmentation options, you can also send targeted messaging to re-engage lapsed subscribers or reward VIPs. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of this data-centric new tool.

Before we look at how to use all this new information, take a few minutes to learn more about our proprietary algorithm that calculates engagement scores and ratings. Go science! OK, got all that? Let’s get to those examples!

Segment based on high score

Reward subscribers with higher scores by sending them exclusive content, special offers, last minute deals and loyalty offers. Choose the threshold for receiving special offers. You can use either engagement scores or stars to separate the highly engaged.


Segment based on low score

Send re-engagement emails designed to bring inactive or disinterested subscribers back to the program. Use these campaigns to encourage interest in your program or weed out subscribers that are adding weight to your list. This is a great opportunity to send subscribers to a survey or encourage them to engage with you on social media instead of email.


Find your best leads and prospects

If you’re using WordFly’s Lightbox tool to build your list, you can use it in conjunction with engagement scores to find your best prospects or up-selling opportunities. These subscribers may not have purchased yet, but they could be highly active on your email list. This is exactly the type of subscriber to send appealing first-time-buyer offers to.


Go Forth and Engage

We’re excited to see what you do with WordFly’s new engagement scoring tools and segmentation capabilities. Please be sure to email us with your ideas or questions.