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Ready. Set. Starter Emails!

Kirk Bentley

Starter Emails

With our latest update, we removed the barriers to managing your WordFly starter emails. If you haven’t used them before, starter emails are a fantastic way to add productivity and reliability to your email creation process. Check out these new time-saving updates.

Something we’ve heard regularly from you is that your teams need to work quickly in WordFly. We get it! Email marketing is a powerful and essential channel, but it can demand a lot of your time.

Over the past few months, we’ve decided to drill-down on the topic of productivity to find and build more effective ways of working in WordFly. You can see a few recent productivity improvements here. Rethinking how starter emails work was next on the list!

Starter emails: A quick primer

A starter email is a custom email that you save in WordFly. It has all the elements, branding, blocks, etc., that you need to build a new email without starting from scratch. For example, when it’s time to build your newsletter campaign, you select the Newsletter A Starter Email from the carousel, add your copy, drop in images, and update links for your campaign. Easy! Done! NEXT!

Except—wah wah—that’s not what many WordFlyers are doing. Instead, they’ve adopted the risky habit copying an old newsletter, removing the content, and adding in new copy, images, and links. This is bad. Very bad! Why? Firstly, you’re doing extra work to clear out old content you don’t need. Along with it, you may be losing formatting which takes time to redo. Second, you never know what changes the previous template contains. Unbeknownst to you, you may be using a version of the newsletter loaded with content that should never been seen again. Or worse yet, perhaps a team member went rogue and made changes to the brand. And you just copied them and made them permanent!

We realized that perhaps WordFlyers had adopted this habit because starter emails were a little hard to find and manage.

A better way

You can now manage and organize all your starter emails in one central location: the Design Library. The new Starter Emails page allows you to view and edit your starter templates as well as duplicate, rename, delete, and add labels for easy filtering.

We’ve also updated the carousel selector for choosing which starter template to use. The new carousel provides a larger viewable area for your Starter Emails and a longer character count for your name. You can also toggle between the built-in WordFly Starter Emails and your custom ones. Lastly, we added a filter so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for by name or by label.


Let us know what you think.

We’re always looking for ways to make email marketing a more effective and productive process. Does this help? Let us know!