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Start Saving Blocks of Time

Kirk Bentley

WordFly Blocks

Our Blocks feature is built to scale down email production time.

And now with our May feature updates, we’ve added even more flexibility to make creating and editing custom blocks even easier. For those of you who haven’t discovered our newest email template innovation, get ready for a productivity boost.

With custom blocks you can create a group of custom content, save it in Modern Editor and drop it into any email. It’s a big timesaver when creating headers, footers, or other content blocks you use in every email. I speak from experience when I say it will definitely create more “donut opportunities” in your day.

Since launching custom blocks in April, we’ve been receiving tons of useful feedback from our early adopters out there. And we’re excited to announce that you can now more easily ungroup blocks directly from Modern Editor. Simply drop your custom block into your design, right-click, and select “Ungroup.” Now you can modify the different elements of your block without affecting the original custom block you’ve saved.

HOT TIP: Did you know you can use custom blocks with Pages?
It makes building each page of your surveys 33.3% faster. With custom blocks, you simply build your header and footer for your survey in the Blocks Editor and then use it for each page.

You’ve got no excuse now, folks. Get blocked! Start using custom blocks and start making your #emaillife easier. And if you do end up bursting into song at your desk, please please please post a video of that.


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