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The Importance of Testing

Miguel Panayotty

The Importance of Testing
We’ve all been there. That last click which will deploy an email campaign is always the most nerve-wracking. We wonder if everything is really OK, the mental checklist, worst-case scenarios; everything is present at the same time in our minds.

Thankfully, most of the time things go smoothly, alleviating those anxious feelings and making you feel confident. This is a good thing.

I’ve personally been there when things don’t go as planned. When maybe the text version of the email isn’t updated, or perhaps you used the wrong segment on your subscriber list. There are a number of things that can go wrong. Murphy’s Law knows this and will sometimes remind us not to get too confident.


Stack the odds in your favor

One thing we can do to stack the odds on our side is to create an Email QA checklist to strictly follow after the email is ready to review and after any last-minute change. This can sometimes feel pointless or time-consuming, especially if you just went over the list and found a typo just before sending. Regardless, make sure to take those extra 5-10 minutes to go over the checklist until you can finish without correcting a single thing. Not only will you feel at ease with that last click, but you will be covering your back before sending. Archive these QA sheets and feel great about the flawless job you’re doing with emails.


Things to add to your checklist

  • Copy is flawless: there are no grammar or punctuation errors
  • Mobile version displays as expected
  • Rendering is good in Outlook, Gmail and other email clients
  • Web version of the email looks good
  • Links are working as expected
  • Unsubscribe and Forward to a Friend links are present
  • Dynamic content is displaying as expected
  • Subject line is correct
  • Subscriber list and segment are correct
  • Text version of the email is present and updated


WordFly tools to help you test your best

Template Full Review in the testing section of each Campaign
Inbox Preview to view your email across 30+ different email clients directly in WordFly
Subscriber Preview to review dynamic content