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Trigger an Emotional Response

Kirk Bentley

WordFly Triggered Emails
Emails that send automatically based on an upcoming event or a web behavior generate more opens and clicks. Reminders, welcome emails, abandoned carts and more are a huge branding and business opportunity. This month we study the mighty triggered email and how you can use them to make a difference at your organization.


What are they?

Triggered emails can be set up to send based on data you collect in your CRM. For example, if a subscriber has tickets to an upcoming show, you can set up WordFly to remind them of the performance. Usually a pre-show reminder like this will go out a few days ahead of the event. Any type of event or behavior-based data can be used to triggered the email. Common examples are reminders, abandoned cart/basket, welcome emails and post-event thank yous.

WordFly Triggered Email

Why they’re valuable

Standard email campaigns typically garner anywhere from 18-35% open rates and 5-10% click rates. Triggered emails, however, achieve much higher engagement rates. Subscribers often think of triggered emails as more transactional in nature, they’re much more inclined to open. This higher engagement rate is an opportunity for you to add promotions for upcoming shows, products or events in what’s otherwise a transactional email. Triggered emails also provide branding opportunity to show your subscribers how you do business and care about customers. Of course, it’s also good business sense to send triggered emails to ensure people come to the show or share their thoughts afterwards.

WordFly Triggered Metrics

Triggered emails perform much better than standard newsletters


How they work

Set up the conditions for your list in your CRM. Make sure to think about the different data points you’ll need to pull. For a pre-show reminder this might be the name of the performance, date, time, location, etc… Then build your campaign in WordFly. Point WordFly to the list you want to pull and tell WordFly how often to pull the list (daily, weekly, monthly, etc…) Activate your campaign and we take care of the rest. Take some time to think through how the data will display in your email and how to use conditional tags to get the right data to display for each subscriber. If you’re doing event reminders, you’ll need to decide if you’re building a triggered email for the whole season or just one show at a time.


Next steps

We can help! Triggered emails are easy to set up but they do take some thought. We’ve helped organizations of all sizes walk through the process. We’ve got tons of resources to help you succeed with triggered email at your organization. Learn how to build lists in your CRM and then click here to get started!