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Build Your Lists with WordFly Lightbox

Miguel Panayotty

WordFly LightboxThe option to set up your own subscribe form page in WordFly is one of our most frequently used features. We’ve used it ourselves ever since it was launched. WordFly Lightbox takes this a step further.

With WordFly Lightbox, you have the ability to create a custom popup subscribe form for your website. This is a quick way to build one of your most important assets: your website signups list.


Lightbox Basics


WordFly allows you plenty of ways to customize your Lightbox signup form. Choose the WordFly data fields you’d like to display and mark whether they are required or not. For design, select your branding color and link to an image that can display at the top, bottom, left, right, or background of the lightbox. You can customize the content, too.

In addition, there are two loading behaviors you can choose from. Both options provide advantages depending on the strategy you want to use.

Show lightbox when page loads

This option is best to have on a page where you think a lot of new traffic could be happening. When visitors go to your website, they’ll see the signup form automatically. This way you’re gathering possible new customers which you can finish converting via email.

Show when button is clicked

Use this option when you want to obtain new subscribers for your list without having them go through your larger signup form. It’s good to place at the end of a blog article or even next to your social media links.

After you’ve customized your form, click Preview to grab the code and try out your new lightbox right within WordFly.


Lightbox Ideas

Home page

The first idea to consider is adding lightbox on your website’s home page. It’s simple and effective. Tip: Make it short. The last thing visitors want to do is fill out a large form when visiting a website. Ask for their email address and one or two more fields, max. Think of Lightbox as a complementary way to gather new subscribers—a very effective one at that—but it shouldn’t substitute your other forms of gathering subscribers. If you want to gather more information, redirect subscribers to your full page subscribe form.

Lightbox Home Page


Use it for promotions. You can set a headline that promises a 10% discount on your next event purchase when signing up to your email list. You can then gather all subscribers who signed up and send them a promotional code. This is a great way to increase your list while promoting sales.

Lightbox Promotion

Test, test, and test some more

Every niche is different; you should always test when implementing new features. Are you seeing a rise in subscribers after adding Lightbox Signup to your homepage? Great! Keep it there and see if you can improve any part of the customization, or use it on other pages with the button option.


WordFly has the best clients in the world. You’re always amazing us with innovative ways to use features in your marketing campaigns. Make sure to share your story with us!


Ready to start using WordFly Lightbox?

  • Go to Account > Subscribe Settings in your WordFly account to customize your form
  • Learn more in our Knowledge Base article