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One friendly, smart place to create your email, social, and SMS campaigns. See what WordFly’s powerful and feature-rich application can do.

Campaign Design

  • Responsive Email Designer

    Quickly design beautiful, fluid emails that render across every screen -- from mobile to tablet to desktop.

  • Mobile-First Templates

    Our email designer takes a mobile-first approach to email design. When using our editor, you can easily switch from the mobile to desktop view.

  • Dynamic Content

    Use dynamic content to conditionally display text, images, or other elements based on your customer's interests, actions, or location.

  • Template Gallery

    Each WordFly template has been crafted by our experienced design team, allowing you to quickly create your email with all the modern technology built in.

  • Layout Engine

    Layout Engine gives you ultimate flexibility in creating your own advanced layout.

  • Spam Testing

    We'll run your campaign through popular spam filter Spam Assassin to help you reach the inbox.

  • Inbox Preview

    Before you send, view screenshots of your email across 30+ desktop and mobile clients.

  • Custom HTML

    If you write your own HTML, easily import your code and edit it directly in WordFly.

  • HTML Code Editor

    Our developer-friendly HTML window allows you to fully customize the code or make quick updates as needed.

  • HTML to Text Converter

    Convert your beautiful HTML to simple plain text with one click.

  • Embedded Videos

    Add videos to your email that play right inside the email client. Our code dynamically displays video in email clients that support it and gracefully degrades to an image if video is not supported.

  • Image Manager

    Upload, edit, and manage all of your images in WordFly.

  • Ad-Free

    We never add our logo or advertising to any of the emails you send through WordFly.

Audience Management

  • Custom Sign Up

    Grow your audience with our custom email sign up. Add custom data fields, preferences, and completely brand every element of the experience from sign up to confirmation email.

  • Subscription Form

    Set up your sign up form and we'll generate code so you can add it directly to your site.

  • Preference Center

    Give your subscribers the ability to manage their own subscription preferences throughout the customer lifecycle.

  • Lightbox Signup

    Build your WordFly list by adding a quick signup form to your website. Customize with your image and branding.

  • Subscription Confirmation

    With one simple click, your new subscribers can confirm their email addresses when signing up to your list.

  • Subscriber Management

    WordFly helps you manage your subscribers by automatically handling unsubscribes, abuse complaints, hard bounces and duplicates.

  • Subscriber Profile

    Manage your subscriber data in WordFly. See customer data, subscriptions, preferences, as well as review how they've engaged with your campaigns.

  • Segmentation

    Use our simple segmentation builder to create just the right group of subscribers for your message. Target by preferences, demographics, geographic locations, or past engagement.

  • Double Opt-Out

    Give your subscribers the ability to confirm their unsubscribe choice or update their preferences instead.

  • One-Click Opt-Out

    Keep unsubscribing simple with our easy one-click unsubscribe.

  • Import Subscribers

    Easily import your subscribers from a spreadsheet, manually, or from your connected CRM.

  • Unlimited Number of Lists

    WordFly allows you to create as many lists as you need to group your subscribers.

  • Export to Excel

    Export your list to Excel any time to dive deeper into the data or store offline.

  • Custom Fields

    From interests to demographic data, you can store any info you need about your subscribers and easily insert it into your messages.

Send Campaigns

  • A/B Testing

    Easily test two variations of your email campaigns, then send the best performer!

  • Targeted Sending

    Create and save sophisticated list segments based on customer preferences or engagement to create highly targeted messages.

  • Triggered Campaigns

    Engage with subscribers at every step of the customer lifecycle through triggered emails based on customer interactions with your brand.

  • Dynamic Preview

    Preview your emails with conditional content before you send. Click through the real emails to see exactly what your subscribers will see.

  • Schedule Campaigns

    Create your campaign today and schedule it to send tomorrow, later this week, or next month.

  • Campaign Archive

    We create an archived version of every email you send to post on your website and social media.

  • Deliverability Expertise

    Industry-leading tools and years of experience give our team the edge on delivering your email to the inbox. Our dedicated email reputation team has the know-how to mitigate any issues that might derail your email delivery.

  • Authentication Standards

    Email authentication is an essential tool to help establish you as a safe sender and give your campaigns the best opportunity to reach the inbox.

  • Feedback Loops

    We're integrated with feedback loops and whitelists that support major ISPs like Yahoo,, and Comcast to support your deliverability.

  • TRUSTe Certified

    WordFly has TRUSTe's Privacy Seal which means our privacy policy and practices has been reviewed by TRUSTe for compliance.

  • Share on Social

    After you click send, share your email on Facebook and Twitter to get further impressions for your message.

Track Results

  • Opens & Clicks

    See who has opened your campaign, which links are being clicked, and how it compares with your average engagement.

  • Campaign Reporting

    WordFly's interactive campaign reporting provides you with a comprehensive view of opens, clicks, opt-outs, and bounces—over time, by time of day, and day of week.

  • Heat Maps

    View the most popular links in your campaign as a colorful overlay on your email. Toggle between total clicks vs. unique clicks.

  • Geolocation Reporting

    See where in the world your subscribers are interacting with your campaigns. View locations by opens, clicks, and unsubscribes.

  • Email Client Report

    See which email clients your subscribers are using to read your email and on what type of device.

  • Campaign Comparison

    Compare your opens, clicks, and opt-outs for multiple campaigns in one report to identify trends and goals.

  • Bounce & Abuse Reporting

    Our integration with major ISPs allows us to report spam complaints submitted by your subscribers as well as reasons for email bounces.

  • Opt-Out Metrics

    See who unsubscribed or clicked the "spam" button in their email client.

  • Forward to a Friend

    Let your subscribers spread your message with their friends and family with WordFly Forwards.

  • Industry Benchmarks

    See how your campaigns perform against other companies in your industry.

  • Mobile Reporting Apps

    Monitor the performance of your campaigns from anywhere with our iPhone and Android campaign reporting apps.

  • Branded Reports

    Create a custom-branded, printable report to share the campaign metrics with other stakeholders.

  • Social Reporting

    See how many 'likes' and 'tweets' your campaign received.

  • Export Data

    WordFly allows you to export all of your campaign metrics in Excel to allow you to do further analysis offline.


  • Labels

    Labels help you organize your messages into categories—department, year, etc. Labels do all the work that folders do, but with the ability to add more than one to a message.

  • User Permissions

    WordFly allows you to set up and manage an unlimited number of team members with the flexibility to set individual levels of permission.

  • Unlimited User Accounts

    We support any size team, no matter how big or small. Create as many user accounts as you need with no extra fee.

  • Usernames and Passwords

    Account security is always top of mind, so WordFly has unique accounts for every user, with a double opt-in setup process.

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